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‘Outrageous Campaigns’

By Bill Glazer

Are You Great at What You Do,
But Struggling to Make Your Business Great?
Then It’s Time to Make Your Marketing OUTRAGEOUS

Literally every page presents something new you can try and apply to grow your business, and as excited as I was to contribute to the book, I was even more excited to read it!

Ryan Deiss

The strategies in this book give any business owner or marketer lucky enough to read them an unfair competitive advantage in the marketplace. And who doesn't want that?!

Kim Walsh Phillips

Flat out, Bill Glazer makes people OUTRAGEOUS sums of money, myself included. When he speaks I listen and when he puts a book out, I get it. His OUTRAGEOUS advice is genius, easy to implement and, most importantly, WORKS. If you’ll put the ideas, strategies and examples to work, it will make an OUTRAGEOUS difference in your business.

Dustin Mathews

Inside the Pages of OUTRAGEOUS Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns That Are Outrageously Successful,
You’re Going to Discover…


In Part One of OUTRAGEOUS Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns, I share the ten critical components that will make your marketing work, WHATEVER you’re doing to reach your prospects. These are tried and tested principles that work whether you’re doing video, Facebook, cold calling, email, seminars, or whatever (and in fact, in OUTRAGEOUS Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns you’ll see THIRTY-NINE DIFFERENT WAYS of marketing to leads.


Most marketing fails because business owners think they can send one email or run one ad and make money. In Part Two, I reveal why that doesn’t work, and how to fix your broken marketing by turning it into OUTRAGEOUS multi-step marketing campaigns that keep your message top-of-mind and engage your leads until they’re ready to buy.


In Part Five I show you how to take everything you’ve learned and create your own OUTRAGEOUS Multi-Step Marketing Campaign.

This book is not available anywhere else, online or offline. You can only get it on this page. 

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Why would you want to rack your brain for a brilliant marketing idea—when Bill Glazer has done the hard work of collecting some of the best right here. These are full-blown campaigns from a variety of industries so you can get inspired to creatively stand out from your competitors.

Yanik Silver

Bill Glazer is practical, pragmatic and provides simple implementable resources shared with him by his network of genius marketing friends all in one place. Your bank account deserves to be bigger - grab this book!

Mike Koenigs

I’ve always been amazed at Bill Glazer’s brilliant campaign strategies that create massive results. This will be the go-to book for anyone wanting to do outrageous marketing that works.

Nina Hershberger

Your Purchase Today Will Also Change Lives

I wrote this book because I want to give back and help others. A couple of years ago, I had a STROKE. I was fortunate to have a great team of therapists, and the loving support of my wife, children, and good friends, to help me through and speed my recovery, but many people aren’t that lucky, so I am donating ALL the proceeds from this book to a Non-Profit VETERANS AFFAIRS program that helps people from all walks of life who have had a STROKE to get the care and support they need.

Meet The Contributors

Inside the book, you’re going to find 49 OUTRAGEOUS campaigns from some of the most successful entrepreneurs and marketers in the world. People like Russell Brunson, who grew his business by an OUTRAGEOUS $1.5 MILLION by writing a book (and none of it is from royalties). Mike Koenigs, who makes $3 for every $1 he invests in OUTRAGEOUS marketing, and Ryan Deiss who added an OUTRAGEOUS 2490% to his revenue just by adding a simple checkbox on his landing page.

Russell Brunson

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Get People to Pay $340.00 for a Free Book

Mike Koenigs

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Sell a High-Ticket Offer by Investing OUTRAGEOUSLY!

Ryan Deiss

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Add 2940% to Your Revenue with a Simple Checkbox

And that’s just THREE of the 49 OUTRAGEOUS CAMPAIGNS in this book.

Here are all the other experts and entrepreneurs you’ll be hearing from:

Bill & Steve Harrison

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Sell Seats for a Conference

Bruce Hudson

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Turn Potential Competitors into Clients

Dr. Kelly Brown

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Make $2,000 From Every “Free” Customer

Dustin Mathews

How to Profit OUTRAGEOUSLY from Event Sponsorship (Even If the Cards Are Stacked Against You)

Ed Rush

How to Generate an OUTRAGEOUS 273% ROI with Facebook Ads

A.J. Mirabedini (GKIC)

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Sell from the Stage at a Live Event Without a Table Rush

Matt Bacak

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Blitz Amazon

Oli Billson

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Sell a High-Ticket Offer Without a Sales Team by Getting OUTRAGEOUSLY Personal

Ron Seaver

How to Harness The Power of People to Turn a Really Bad Idea into an OUTRAGEOUSLY Great One

Shaun Buck

If Something is Working OUTRAGEOUSLY, Don’t Fix It!

Yanik Silver

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Keep Customers in a Long-Term Program or Service

Ben Glass

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Get Clients by Staying in Touch Long After Your Competitors Have Given Up

Bent Hansen

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Raise Cash When You’re Expanding Your Business

Dr. Brian Bergh

How to Convert Old Leads OUTRAGEOUSLY While You’re on Vacation

Cessaly Hutchinson

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Build Community Support for Your Cause

Chip Kessler

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Make Six Figures Without Spending Any Money

Clate Mask

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Get People to Return Your Sales Call

Craig Simpson

How to Reactivate Past Clients OUTRAGEOUSLY

Dan Cricks

An OUTRAGEOUS Thing to Do with a Halloween Pumpkin!

Darin Spindler

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Get Customers by Mastering the Postal Service

David Linton

How to Create an OUTRAGEOUS 172% Increase in Sales with Your Own Soap

Dr. David Phelps

How to Sell OUTRAGEOUSLY by Refusing to Sell

Demetrios Tzortzis

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Generate So Many Leads Your Sales Team Can’t Keep Up

Doug Anderson

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Get Back 58% of your “Lost” Customers With a “Handwritten” Envelope

Fred White

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Become a Welcome Guest Rather Than an Unwelcome Pest

Gardner’s Mattress & More

How to Get 26% Conversion with OUTRAGEOUS Advertorials

Howard Anderson

How Anyone Can Create a Small OUTRAGEOUS Campaign: No Excuses!

Julie Boswell

How to Turn a Family Occasion into OUTRAGEOUS Sales

Jack Turk

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Make Money NOW by Getting “Outta Your Skull”

Keith Lee

An OUTRAGEOUSLY Smart Way to Get to Your Leads Before Your Competitors

Kevin Carter

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to “Clean Up” with a Toilet Brush

Kim Walsh Phillips

How to Generate an OUTRAGEOUS 756% ROI by Taking Your Customers on a 3-Day Date

Lisa Haster

How to Close $2,500 by Being OUTRAGEOUSLY Childlike

Michael Thibault

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Turn Your Once-a-Year Customers into Monthly Customers

Mike Capuzzi

How to Use OUTRAGEOUS Doodles to Reel People in and Make Money

Mike Crow

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Make People Want to Visit Your Booth Even Before They Get to the Event

Nina Hershberger

An OUTRAGEOUS Use of Multi-Step Marketing You Probably Won’t Have Thought Ofe

Richelle Shaw

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Disguise a Free Gift as a Contest Prize

Rob Cuesta

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Fill a High-Ticket Program at the Worst Time of Year, Even if you Don’t Have a List

Robert Skrob

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Get Members in Your Program and Make Them Stay

Rory Fatt

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Cash in on Holidays

Dr. Scot Gray

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to “Ride the Gray Wave”

Dr. Sean Tarpenning

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Bring Old Customers Back with a Rubber Fish and a Trash Can

Todd Brown

How to Close OUTRAGEOUSLY by Letting Leads Buy at Their Own Pace

Tom Orent

An OUTRAGEOUS Way to Get People to Stay Three Times as Long on Your Sales Webinars

Travis Lee

Sending Outrageous Stuff Through the Mail Gets OUTRAGEOUS Results

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This book is not available anywhere else, online or offline. You can only get it on this page. 

And It’s just $25 including the shipping, wherever you are in the world.